Shirley Vasquez


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With a strong background and many years of experience in interior design, Shirley is renowned in the industry for her dedicated, honest, and forward approach, winning the confidence of clients quickly and establishing successful working relations.

Ms. Vasquez has a solid reputation of a professional who is an approachable and trustworthy real estate agent. She understands the importance of building long-term relationships and has a genuine passion for helping people achieve their real estate goals and expectations. Since Shirley has joined our team, her skills acquired during her work as a remodeling expert helped her a lot in her current work as a real estate agent and property manager. She knows every single detail of the house or apartment she offers. Moreover, Shirley can give you additional support or advice on selecting a home just for you.

Vasquez always desired to work in the company that would care about the place where modern citizens live. Now she is confident that her current job is an ideal place to improve her communication skills and professional development as a real estate agent while being a part of a solid team.

Shirley Vasquez is more than just an agent for our company. With every house sold and property managed, she tries to achieve a higher level of real estate services provided on behalf of Intense agency. Her contribution to the development of our company can hardly be overestimated.